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Masato Minamizuka



August 1, 2017


Accounting Enters A New Era

Recent missteps involving accounting fraud at prominent institutions have led to increased public scrutiny over corporate financial disclosures.

Companies are required more than ever to adhere to accounting rules, monitor and manage their foreign operations and ensure that their internal controls are operating effectively.

What’s happening on the audit front?

Stakeholders are closely eyeing the auditors as they adopt their own governance code, increase their level of independence and strive to provide quality over quantity.

Because audit firms are strengthening their own governance, it has become harder for them to stand with their corporate clients and to provide advice that advances the clients’ wishes.

It should not be the other way around.


Why We Exist

At Quantum Accounting Inc., our promise is to answer those needs that you may have and to support the challenges you face.

The many years we spent working as Partners and Managers at the Big 4 providing audit and consulting services to global companies that represent Japan has given us a wide range of experience and knowledge concerning the complex application of various accounting standards including US GAAP and IFRS.

With our international background and overseas working experience, we are confident in providing you with the full support required to navigate your business through the tides and currents of the global business environment.

We will adjust to your needs, work alongside you to provide high-quality accounting services and ensure that you are highly satisfied at the end.

We promise you Big 4 quality at lightning speed.


What It Means For Us To Be Quantum

“Quantum” as used in our company name refers to the feature of a quantum system in which it exists in multiple distinct states simultaneously.  Such quantum superposition is predicted to exponentially increase computer processing power beyond traditional computers that operate in binary (0 or 1).

“Quantum” is also used as an adjective to describe something that is “innovative.”

Our hope is to integrate a vast range of knowledge, experience and social connections in a “quantum” like manner, and to grow as an “innovative” accounting firm that has never been seen previously.

That’s how we are “Quantum.”