Sakai PC
Mr. Sakai SP

Hiroyuki Sakai

Executive Fellow


Japanese CPA                                                                        


Keio University, B.A. in Business and Commerce, 1980


Former CEO of KPMG Japan, Chief Executive Officer of KPMG AZSA LLC, 2005
Former Director of JICPA (Japan Institute of Certified Public Accountants), 1998
Inspector of Japan-China Economic Association – Current
Advisor of LEXER RESEARCH Inc. -Current    
Advisor of Yukimai Design Co.,Ltd. -Current    
Advisor of HPDU OF JAPAN -Current
Auditor of Integral Geometry Science Inc,. -Current        
Auditor of japan cultural promotion project -Current    
Auditor of The Norinchukin Bank -Current   
Special Advisor of ICHIRYU ASSOCIATES, Inc. -Current   
Independent Director of Doctorbook INC. -Current   
CEO of Sakai & Partners-Current
Auditor & Supervisory Board Member of Mediahouse Holdings Co.,Ltd.-Current
Director of KeiaiStar Real Estate Co., Ltd.-Current