Creating an Era, Challenging the World

We at Quantum Accounting provide advanced solutions for new, complex, and global challenges that only the accounting firms traditionally called the Big Four could handle. Our mission is to create a new era through innovative ideas, technologies, and services.  We support our clients’ growth so that in 10 to 20 years from now, they have successfully become not only Japanese companies but global companies.


Apple, Google, Amazon, among other leading U.S. companies, have listed on NASDAQ.  Further, leading European, Asian, Chinese and Israeli companies one after another are listing on NASDAQ, leaping into the U.S. capital market.  We guide clients from Japan that similarly seek to be listed on NASDAQ.  Aside from the services that we provide for domestic IPOs, we provide additional services necessary for NASDAQ IPOs.

  • NASDAQ IPO planning
  • IFRS, US GAAP conversion support
  • MD&A preparation support
  • SEC registration statement preparation support
  • Support for building governance in accordance with SEC and NASDAQ rules
  • Support for building internal controls (US SOX compliance)
  • Support for analysts and road shows (including interpretation)
  • Support for English translation of various documents
  • ADR structuring support

IPO Support

Our main clients are venture companies.  In the growth strategy process of a venture company, an IPO is an important milestone.  We support the growth of future leading companies that seek to go public.

  • IPO planning (short review)
  • Corporate governance building support, human resource development support
  • Capital policy planning
  • Stock option design, option price valuation
  • Stock valuation
  • Business plan development support
  • Financial statement preparation (Japan GAAP, IFRS)
  • Support for building internal controls (J-SOX)
  • IPO listing document preparation, review support
  • Post-IPO continuing disclosure support (financial statement preparation support, accounting policy manual development, etc.)

M&A Support

When thinking about growth for one’s company, M&A is one of the biggest decisions.  In making that decision, assessing the value of the target company and understanding any problems is essential.  We provide a broad perspective beyond finance and tax matters to include HR matters as well, uncovering various problems and reporting on them.  Further, in an era when M&A with Japanese companies and overseas companies has become commonplace, we provide support to eliminate management’s anxiety.

  • M&A structure design
  • Financial, tax, and HR due diligence
  • Corporate value estimation
  • Support for PPA treatment (Purchase Price Allocation)
  • Form F-4 preparation support
  • Pro Forma F/S preparation support
  • Compensation plan design support

IFRS Support

Because of globalization, a company’s business activities are becoming more internationalized, and as foreign shareholders are continuing to increase, there is a need to strengthen corporate governance, so that dialog between investors and analysts is gaining importance.  Amidst such a backdrop, the need to use IFRS, a global standard to measure corporate performance, is increasing day-by-day.  

We provide the below support for IFRS implementation in one-stop.

  • Impact analysis for IFRS implementation
  • IFRS implementation project planning (methodology, schedule), project management
  • Gap analysis for accounting standards and disclosures (preparation of accounting position papers)
  • Accounting policy manual preparation support
  • IFRS financial statement preparation support

Support for Business Management of Overseas Subsidiaries

It is an illusion to think that: “We have nothing to worry about because our overseas subsidiaries are in the hands of veterans.”  We have seen many cases in which misconduct at such overseas subsidiaries was ongoing for years.  We conduct fraud investigations from that specialized standpoint and provide support to rectify such problems.  Further, by cooperating with auditors and internal audit departments, we support the internal control audits pertaining to the financial reporting process.

  • Fraud investigations of overseas subsidiaries
  • Support for internal auditors in overseas investigations/fieldwork
  • Internal audit support
  • Support for preparation of English contracts and other documents

BPO support for overseas subsidiaries

In setting up your Japanese operation, we understand that your intention is to outsource your tax and accounting operations in order to strategically allocate management resources to business development. We are an accounting firm that will provide not only simple bookkeeping services, but also specialized knowledge for advanced accounting and tax issues expected in the future.
  • Bookkeeping support
  • Tax support
  • Various reporting service
  • Year-end financial statement preparation support
  • Audit Support
  • Corresponding
  • Accounting and tax advisory services
  • Payroll support

We provide the information you need to start up a new business in Japan as a Japan Business Concierge.

Cryptocurrency-Related Business Support

Cryptocurrency has attracted attention as a timely and low-cost international remittance and micro-payment method in conducting global management.  The market has grown in recent years, and related businesses are being started daily.  However, laws and regulations including the tax system have not kept up, and business owners are surely feeling uncertainty.  As a member of the “Japan Virtual Cryptocurrency Business Association,” we can help address business owners’ concerns.

  • “CryptoGain (Cryptocurrency Profit and Loss Calculation Service)”
  • Virtual currency exchange registration support
  • Advisory for accounting and taxation
  • Segregation of funds audit
  • Financial statement audits

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