Announcement of Koji Shinohara, Former CFO of KURA Sushi USA, Joining Our Company

Quantum Accounting Welcomes Koji Shinohara as New Advisor

Quantum Accounting is pleased to announce that Koji Shinohara has joined the company as a new advisor. With his US CPA qualification, extensive practical experience, and exceptional expertise, Mr. Shinohara brings invaluable new strengths to our team.

After graduating from a Japanese university in 1986, Mr. Shinohara obtained a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Oklahoma City. He then built his career at renowned accounting firms in the United States, gaining deep experience in the corporate tax division.

Notably, Mr. Shinohara successfully led KURA Sushi USA Inc. to its Nasdaq listing as the company’s CFO. He spearheaded the IPO process and continued to play a crucial role in the company’s operations as a public entity, including quarterly earnings releases, SEC disclosures, and governance structure establishment.

While Quantum Accounting has specialized in supporting overseas listings, including on the Nasdaq, Mr. Shinohara’s addition will further expand our service offerings. His profound insights and practical experience will significantly contribute to improving our services across a broad range of areas, including cross-border transactions.

In today’s business environment, which is becoming increasingly diverse and globalized, Quantum Accounting aims to provide even greater value to our clients with the addition of Mr. Shinohara. As we embark on a new era and take the next step forward, we invite you to place your trust in the future of Quantum Accounting.

Please visit Mr. Shinohara’s profile page here, and feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or questions through our contact page.

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